State passes a new law to track outreach activities conducted by agricultural Extension specialists

The bill, signed into law by Gov. Tony Evers on March 26, requires the Board of Regents and UW-Madison chancellor to develop policies to monitor and report on extension and outreach workloads of specialists funded by the Division of Extension who work in applied agriculture. The measure pertains to Extension-funded faculty and staff at UW-Platteville, UW-River Falls, UW-Stevens Point, or UW-Madison’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Read the full legislative history.

“Our state specialists are doing amazing work on the ground and in their communities, helping farmers adapt and grow their businesses and supporting the agricultural industry that is the backbone of our state,” said Gov. Evers in a news release. “I am glad to sign this bill today so they can continue doing their good work and be recognized for going above and beyond for our farmers and our state.”

Additional information on how the legislation will be implemented at the campuses will be shared as it becomes available.