Protocol for events and meetings sponsored by CALS units with an in-person component

Updated on March 24, 2021.

For information on summer pre-college and on-campus events, please refer to the March 23 UW-Madison guidance. Additional UW-Madison guidance on summer events is expected by April 19.

The protocol applies to events and meetings sponsored by any CALS department, center, or unit, and aligns with the UW-Madison event and meeting policy. UW-Madison requirements must be met for all CALS-sponsored events, regardless of the location where they are held, and for all events held on campus or at UW facilities regardless of sponsorship. We continue to expect that any event or meeting that can be held remotely, will be held remotely.

An event is “any activity (including all meetings, internal or other), regardless of the location on or off university property, coordinated by an event host to bring people together, outside of the formal classroom experience.”

Registered Student Organization events follow a separate approval process.

Consistent with the campus policy, CALS expects the Public Health Madison and Dane County order to be followed even when an event sponsored by a CALS unit is outside of Dane County unless that location has more stringent requirements. In that case, the more local stringent guidelines should be followed.

For events held in CALS facilities, the event host must develop a plan consistent with the existing approved research, Smart Restart and Safer Badger plans. For other locations, the event host should consult the local building manager. A CALS event planning checklist and more general campus event planning resources are available.

For events held at CALS Ag Research Stations, outdoor events of up to up to 150 total participants will be allowed with a maximum duration of four hours for the event. Facial coverings and maintaining physical distancing are required as well as other safety protocols identified in the CALS event planning checklist. Event participants should be grouped into pods of 20 unless there is no safety reason to have participants in pods. No indoor events will be allowed, and visitors should not be allowed in proximity to animal care staff or areas where they are working. Submit a CALS event planning checklist to the departmental approval authority as well as the ARS station manager. If local guidelines are more restrictive, follow local guidelines.

To ensure UW-Madison Accounting Services approves your event expenses, the event host may need to submit an Official Function Form, an Expenses Pre-Approval Form, or both. Please consult your CALS Business Services Accountant to ensure all necessary forms are submitted.

Prospective event hosts must submit an event plan, as well as any Official Function or Expense Pre-approval Form as needed to the appropriate approver.

Review and approval process