New UW-Madison Policy Library now live

After a two-year effort that engaged stakeholders across campus, the UW–Madison Policy Library is live at The online, searchable policy library serves as the single, up-to-date resource for all university-wide polices at UW–Madison. The library features extensive search functionality that allows users to search by category or key words. Moving forward, any university-wide policy that is not in the library will not be considered official policy. Maintaining the integrity of the policy library will require the cooperation of everyone on campus, especially those involved in policy development, management, or publication. The policy library website includes resources and tools that should be used for development of new policy or revision of existing policy.

Co-sponsored by Provost Karl Scholz and Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs Ray Taffora, the Policy Library Project was managed by the Office of Strategic Consulting, which partnered with UW–Madison Libraries to provide the front-end user interface and search functionality. Scores of faculty, staff, and students also contributed to the effort.