U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center webinar: Research updates with baled silages – Jan. 20

Research updates with baled silages
Dr. Wayne K. Coblentz
Research Leader

For baled silages, most management principles are similar to those often recommended for precision-chopped silages. However, fermentation is inherently restricted compared to chopped silages for several reasons that include: i) lower recommended moisture concentrations within the silage; ii) less accessibility of sugars to the bacteria responsible for fermentation; and iii) generally less dry matter density within the silage. Specific research updates within this presentation include: i) moisture management – dry silages; ii) moisture management – wet silages; iii) effects of manure application on silage fermentation; iv) bale cutting/slicing mechanisms; v) effects of delayed wrapping; and vi) aerobic stability.

Wednesday, Jan. 20th at 3 pm CDT
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U.S. Dairy Forage
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