Process for requesting mandatory COVID-19 testing of employees

This message was e-mailed to CALS department chairs, center directors and administrators on 9/2/2020.


The campus COVID-19 Workplace Safety Policy allows UW-Madison to require mandatory repeated testing of employees in selected areas (e.g., campus residence halls, patient care units). OHR has provided a Process for Requesting Mandatory Testing which outlines guiding principles and the process for requesting mandatory testing.

Units may have circumstances where they wish to pursue mandatory repeated COVID-19 testing of employees. As emphasized in the guiding principles, in the majority of cases, measures have been put in place to ensure social distancing, wearing of masks, etc. We expect that mandatory testing in CALS units would occur only in very limited situations, where, for example, employees are unable to maintain physical distance during their work. If your unit(s) believes mandatory repeated COVID-19 testing of employees may be warranted, please refer to the attached document outlining the guiding principles and process.

Steps to follow:

  1. Speak with your CALS HR Manager to fully discuss mandatory testing, justification, process, etc.
  2. If discussion results in situations which may warrant mandatory testing, work with your CALS HR Manager to develop the request, addressing relevant information as described in the process document.
  3. Submit proposal developed jointly between unit and CALS HR, to CALS HR Associate Dean for college consideration (Dean VandenBosch review required).
  4. If Dean approves, CALS HR will submit the request to campus for consideration by the designated campus panel.
  5. Campus panel will review and respond (as outlined in campus process document).

Any questions, please contact your CALS HR Manager.

Carol Hillmer, Associate Dean for Human Resources