Photographed on a computer screen, lecturer/instructor Nicky Krause, top right, speaks in a discussion with Dietram Scheufele, professor of life sciences communication, top center, and students Connor Kuerbis, top left, and Nicole Plutz, bottom left, during a live session of Life Sciences Communication 251: Science, Media and Society, a UW–Madison summer term course, Wednesday, June 17, 2020. Photo by Michael P. King/UW–Madison CALS

For several years, UW–Madison has been expanding summer offerings to encourage more students to study with us. Summer term courses can help UW–Madison students complete their degrees more quickly or focus on requirements without the demands of a full fall or spring course load and can introduce visiting students to experiences uniquely available at UW–Madison.

This year, because of COVID-19, all summer term courses were taught remotely, although many offerings had already been planned for online as that format has been increasingly popular. Overall, UW–Madison summer term enrollment is up 21% to a total of more than 27,000 enrollments. CALS total summer enrollment is also up 21% and CALS undergraduate enrollment is up 35%, to a total of 1,537 undergraduates. Most courses were taught in the standard eight-week session from June 15-August 9, but some instructors taught in shorter, often three- or four-week, sessions as well.

Five CALS departments added new courses to their summer 2020 course array that allowed students to make progress towards their degree and provided those departments with new summer enrollment.  In total, CALS offered 45 group instruction courses, in addition to independent study courses.

Additional details about the CALS summer term offerings:

  • BIOCHEM 501: Introduction to Biochemistry has the highest enrollment (253 students) of CALS courses as of July 7, 2020; followed by INTER-AG 140: CALS QuickStart: Foundations (137 students), AAE/AGRONOMY/INTER-AG/NUTR SCI 350: World Hunger and Malnutrition (120 students), GENETICS 466: Principles of Genetics (112 students) and MICROBIO 303: Biology of Microbiology (83 students)
  • 7 CALS courses are offered that fulfill the CALS international studies requirement
  • 1 CALS course is being taught that fulfills UW-Madison’s ethnic studies requirement
  • 20 CALS courses are offered that fulfill other breadth requirements (e.g., biological sciences, social science breadth, etc.)