Phase 2 research reboot: On-site library research

As you know from Vice Chancellor Steve Ackerman’s June 30 email, we have moved into Phase 2 of expanding on-site research and scholarly activities. This Phase 2 expansion includes access to libraries for browsing, consulting non-circulating materials, and other forms of on-site library research.

Faculty/PI on-site library research
Please note that faculty and PIs must request approval for all on-site research and scholarly activities. For on-site library research, the approval process has these steps:

● Begin the process by submitting a Phase 2 Research Reboot request form. If you have not had any on-site research approved in Phase 0 or Phase 1, or are completing the form for the first time, skip the optional part 3 of the request form.
● You may add a specific librarian as a “collaborator” in your request form. This will help direct your inquiry, but is not required for the approval process.
● After you complete the request, schedule an appointment for on-site access directly through the Libraries using its Library-by-Appointment system.
● You will be notified by the Libraries when an appointment has been scheduled. This notification constitutes approval of your request.
● Once an appointment has been scheduled, return to the Phase 2 Research Reboot request form and change the status of the Research Reboot Proposal (question 6) to “approved”.

Graduate student on-site library research
Please note that faculty must also request approval for on-site library research conducted by individuals for whom they have responsibility, whether as part of research teams (e.g., a lab group) or as independent researchers (e.g., a graduate advisee).

Faculty should ask all graduate advisees if they require access to library spaces, whether to conduct research as a PA/RA or to carry out their own independent research. You are responsible for communicating all graduate advisee requests for library access on your Phase 2 Research Reboot request form. In part 4 of the form, you need only list how many of your graduate advisees require access to library spaces. Do not enter any graduate student as a “collaborator” in the request form. The Libraries, rather than faculty, are responsible for approving or disapproving graduate student requests for library access.

When you have completed the Phase 2 Research Reboot request form on behalf of your graduate advisees, your advisees can schedule an appointment directly through the Libraries using its Library-by-Appointment system. They will be notified by the Libraries when an appointment has been scheduled. This constitutes approval of their request. You must then return to the form to indicate that the request has been approved (see above).

General information
Both the request form and FAQs concerning requests for on-site library access may be found on the Phase 2 Research Reboot webpage, together with links to the Libraries’ updates on building access and the Library-by-Appointment scheduling service.

Any non-library on-site access requests still need to go through the standard approval process established by the relevant department and school/college. Please be sure to add your department chair as a “collaborator” in the request form if you are requesting a return to any non-library on-site research or scholarly activities.