Guidance on using furlough days around July 4th legal holiday

Employees are now able to take a furlough day on the day before a holiday, the day after a holiday, or both—and still receive holiday pay for the holiday. The ability to take furlough days before and after a holiday was made as a recent policy exception to allow employees greater flexibility for taking furlough days and holidays together. This is a change from previous communications.

In 2020, the July 4 holiday is a floating holiday because it is on a Saturday. Employees may use floating holidays at any time with a supervisor’s approval.

Note: The following employee categories may only take one furlough day per week which also applies to the week they use a floating holiday (or when a holiday occurs Monday-Friday):

-Non-instructional Academic Staff (Exempt) (salaries employees)
-University Staff Exempt (salaried employees)
-Limited Employees

For example, these employees could take a furlough day on a Thursday, use the floating holiday on Friday, and take a Monday furlough day the following week. They could not take a furlough day on a Tuesday, use the floating holiday on Wednesday, and take a Thursday furlough day.

All other employee categories may use furlough days consecutively with a floating holiday.

Position-Specific Furlough
Employees on Position-Specific Furlough who are placed in full furlough, and are not working, will not receive pay for any fixed legal holidays during furlough, but they will earn floating holidays. This year, July 4 will be a floating holiday.

Employees on Position-Specific Furlough who are placed on partial furlough and are working will receive holiday pay at their regular allocation.

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