Furloughs: Updates to rules and reporting for employees paid monthly and pay reduced as time is used

Employees who will have their pay reduced during any pay period in which furlough time is taken can now take furlough time in one-hour increments. (Previously, these employees were only allowed to take furlough time in half or full day increments.) This change applies to Non-instructional Academic Staff (Exempt) (salaried employees), University Staff Exempt (salaried employees), and Limited Employees. See updated Reporting Furlough Time as It is Used is Paid Monthly tip sheet.

Additional considerations:

These employees may not take more than one furlough day per week.

In addition, the actual number of hours worked, paid leave time, and furlough time added together must not exceed 40 hours during any week in which furlough time is taken. For example, if an employee takes one furlough day (8 hours) in a week, they can work a maximum of 32 hours during that week (for full-time positions). If 4 hours of furlough are taken during a week, a maximum of 36 hours worked will be permitted.

Working additional hours during a furlough week will void the furlough usage and may require the use of accrued paid leave. During a furlough week, employees may use other appropriate paid leave, such as vacation time, to take additional time off.

See additional furlough time reporting methods in the How to Report Furlough time eCALS article