CALS Wellness Committee tip: January is good time to reflect on the seven dimensions of wellness

Your CALS Wellness committee welcomes you to 2020! With the start of the new year, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight the seven dimensions of wellness that we focus our efforts on throughout the year.  The seven dimensions are:

  • Career/Academic: Taking care of your future goals
  • Emotional: Taking care of your mind
  • Social/Cultural: Taking care of your relationships and society
  • Financial: Taking care of your finances
  • Environmental: Taking care of what’s around you
  • Physical: Taking care of your body
  • Spiritual: Taking care of your values and beliefs

What are you doing in each of these areas? Is there an area you could improve in?

As a member of the campus community, a lot of resources are available to you – including webinars, lunch and learns and other events, and informational articles – to help support these seven dimensions. Some of our CALS Wellness Committee events even incorporate multiple dimensions at one time.

If you have ideas for events you would like to see or you would like to join the CALS Wellness Committee, please reach out to Wellness Committee Chair Kristin Carroll at

If you have any questions about the CALS Wellness Committee in general, feel free to reach out to any of our current committee members:

  • Phil Dunigan, ARS
  • Kelly Tomko-Ewing, Arlington ARS
  • Krista DeJoode, Dairy and Animal Science
  • Breanna Sinotte, Biochemistry
  • Becky Eddy, Rhinelander ARS
  • Theresa Pillar, Food Science