CALS in the News for the Week of November 9 – 15

In the News

American Trust in Scientists Remains Stable—Despite “Demonstrated Growth” in Conspiracy Theories
Newsweek, 11/15/2019
Quoted: Dominique Brossard, Life Sciences Communication

No. 1 milk company declares bankruptcy amid drop in demand
Associated Press, 11/12/2019
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Despite Falling Numbers, Wisconsin Turkey Producers Report Strong Local Demand
Wisconsin Public Radio, 11/12/2019
Quoted: Ron Kean, Animal Sciences

Expert weighs in on milk’s competitors, other potential reasons for Dean Foods bankruptcy
WMTV, 11/12/2019
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Early cold and snow more disruptive to humans than wildlife
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/13/2019
Quoted: David Drake, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Update includes look at new soybean pest
The Country Today, 11/11/2019
Quoted: Bryan Jensen, Entomology
Quoted: Mark Renz, Agronomy
Mentioned: Rodrigo Werle, Agronomy
Mentioned: Damon Smith, Plant Pathology
Mentioned: PJ Liesch, Entomology

Decorated cheesemaker speaks at Dairy Exchange amid good news for dairy
The Country Today, 11/11/2019
Quoted: Bob Cropp, Emeritus, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Wisconsin Extension agents explore dairy operations in Ireland.
Wisconsin State Farmer, 11/13/2019
Quoted: Aerica Bjurstrom, Alumna, Animal Sciences
Quoted: Daniel Marzu, Alumnus, Farm and Industry Short Course
Mentioned: Paul Fricke, Dairy Science

Wisconsin practices travel to Ethiopia
Agri-View, 11/13/2019
Quoted: Dick Cates, Emeritus, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
Mentioned: Dan Undersander, Emeritus, Agronomy
Mentioned: Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy and Livestock Farmers

Internship introduces student to crops
Agri-View, 11/12/2019
Quoted: Jeff Breuer, Arlington Agricultural Research Station

Farm is a living portrait of its caretakers
Agri-View, 11/9/2019
Quoted: Joe Zimbric, Alumnus, Agronomy
Mentioned: Valentin Picasso, Agronomy
Mentioned: Aldo Leopold, Deceased, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Of Interest

Molecular Scissors Could Help Keep Some Viral Illnesses At Bay
National Public Radio, 11/13/2019

CDC: The number of Americans dying from antibiotic-resistant superbugs vastly underestimated, 11/14/2019