CALS in the News for the Week of June 22 – 28

Dairy Innovation Hub

Editorial: Dairy Innovation Hub should stay in state budget
Wisconsin State Journal, 6/27/2019
Mentioned: Dairy Innovation Hub

State budget increases funds for rural areas
Spooner Advocate, 6/27/2019
Mentioned: Dairy Innovation Hub

Editorial: The State Budget protects taxpayers
Reedsburg Times-Press, 6/26/2019
Mentioned: Dairy Innovation Hub

Senate Sends State Budget Bill to Gov. Evers
USAgNet, 6/27/2019
Mentioned: Dairy Innovation Hub

Groups Stand United In Support
Wisconsin Farm Report, 6/26/2019
Mentioned: Dairy Innovation Hub

Opinion: Accepting Medicaid funds could help struggling farmers
Wisconsin State Farmer, 6/24/2019
Mentioned: Dairy Innovation Hub

Dairy task force member urges support for Dairy Innovation Hub
Hoard’s Dairyman, 6/24/2019
Mentioned: Dairy Innovation Hub

In the News

Monarch Butterflies Born In Captivity Have Trouble Migrating South, Study Says
National Public Radio, 6/24/2019
Quoted: Karen Oberhauser, Entomology

Hand-Reared Butterflies Won’t Save the Monarch Migration
The Atlantic, 6/24/2019
Quoted: Karen Oberhauser, Entomology

Hot Dogs Are Healthier Than You Think (But Not Healthy)
Fatherly, 6/24/2019
Quoted: Jeff Sindelar, Animal Sciences

Walker administration project to battle manure pollution has been hit by delays
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 6/24/2019
Quoted: Rebecca Larson, Biological Systems Engineering

Rare tick spotted in northern Wisconsin: Its bite could make you allergic to meat
Channel, 6/26/2019
Quoted: Susan Paskewitz, Entomology

Chatting with an Expert on All Things Bugs!, 6/27/2019
Interviewed: PJ Liesch, Entomology

Arlington farm chosen for Wisconsin Farm to Table event
DeForest Times-Tribune, 6/24/2019
Quoted: Jessica Cederquist, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Emmons Blaine Dairy Cattle Research Center
Mentioned: Arlington Agricultural Research Station

Panelists: Ag a victim of U.S.-China trade dispute
The Country Today, 6/24/2019
Quoted: Ian Coxhead, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Soil biological additives suited for some situations
Wisconsin State Farmer, 6/26/2019
Quoted: Matt Ruark, Soil Science

Milk prices continue to improve as cow numbers, production slow down
Wisconsin State Farmer, 6/25/2019
Quoted: Bob Cropp, Emeritus, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Lack of Cover Crop Seed Adds Stress to Farmers’ Season
Ag Professional, 6/26/2019
Quoted: Joe Lauer, Agronomy

App Forecasting Tar Spot In Development
Ag Professional, 6/24/2019
Quoted: Damon Smith, Plant Pathology

Research creates future dairy growth
Agri-View, 6/23/2019
Quoted: John Lucey, Food Science
Mentioned: Center for Dairy Research

Of Interest

UW to push 15-credit semesters in effort to get more students graduating on time
Wisconsin State Journal, 6/26/2019