CALS in the News for the Week of June 15 – 21

In the News

Farms Have Folded. But the Dairy Breakfast Must Go On.
The New York Times, 6/21/2019
Quoted: Megan Hansen, Student, Dairy Science

Escalating China Tariffs On Ginseng Create ‘Shock To The System’ For Wisconsin Farmers
Wisconsin Public Radio, 6/19/2019
Quoted: Ian Coxhead, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Census: Half of Wisconsinites over 40; white majority continues to shrink
Wisconsin State Journal, 6/19/2019
Quoted: Dan Veroff, Community and Environmental Sociology
Mentioned: Applied Population Lab

Your Town Stratford: UW research station leads dairy, soil studies
WSAW, 6/21/2019
Quoted: Nancy Esser, Marshfield Agricultural Research Station
Quoted: Jason Cavadini, Marshfield Agricultural Research Station

Dame’s Rocket, An Invasive Confused For Phlox, Is A Common Sight In Wisconsin
WisContext, 6/20/2019
Quoted: Mark Renz, Agronomy

Farmstead dairy producers and processors weathering milk price depression
Spectrum News, 6/20/2019
Quoted: Marianne Smukowski, Center for Dairy Research
Quoted: Kara Kasten-Olsen, Alumna, Life Sciences Communication and Dairy Science

Cambridge farm tasks robots with milking, other jobs
Cambridge News and Deerfield Independent, 6/18/2019
Quoted: Doug Reinemann, Biological Systems Engineering

Funding for Dairy Innovation Hub clears major hurdle, still needs final approvals
Spectrum News, 6/14/2019
Mentioned: UW Dairy Innovation Hub proposal

Student launches diversity scholarship
Agri-View, 6/16/2019
Quoted: Abagail Catania, Alumna, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Quoted: Thomas Browne, CALS Academic Affairs
Quoted: Karen Martin, CALS Academic Affairs

Steil Amendment Helps Fund Dairy Business Initiatives
Wisconsin Ag Connection, 6/21/2019
Quoted: John Lucey, Food Science
Mentioned: Center for Dairy Research

Topics of UW Ag Research Station Field Days Announced
Wisconsin Ag Connection, 6/20/2019
Mentioned: Agricultural Research Stations

Editorial: Wisconsin dairy farmers need innovation
Wisconsin State Farmer, 6/17/2019
Written by: Kevin Krentz, Alumnus, Farm and Industry Short Course
Mentioned: UW Dairy Innovation Hub proposal

Opportunities for organic transition explored at field day
The Country Today, 6/17/2019
Quoted: Erin Silva, Plant Pathology
Mentioned: Arlington Agricultural Research Station

Extension hemp tests could ease learning curve
The Country Today, 6/17/2019
Mentioned: College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Quoted: Haleigh Ortmeier-Clarke, Student, Agronomy

Of Interest

UW-Madison precollege programs revamped after alleged sexual assaults, lawsuit
Wisconsin State Journal, 6/16/2019

Meet the Man on a Quest to Document Every Apple in North America
Atlas Obscura, 6/18/2019