Seven new CALS faculty positions approved

Dean Kate VandenBosch recently informed department chairs of the approved faculty positions resulting from proposals submitted to the college in the fall. This is the second round of requests since implementing the new funding model recommended by the Organizational Redesign Committee. Non-college hires, including cluster hires, faculty transfers, spousal hires and Target of Opportunity hires, are not included on this list.

The following positions were approved:

  • Molecular Biology (Bacteriology)
  • Extension Specialist in Ruminant Nutrition (Dairy Science)
  • Epidemiology or Disease Ecology (Entomology)
  • Plant Genetics (Genetics)
  • Plant Resilience (Horticulture)
  • Visualizing Science or Science Communication (Life Sciences Communication)
  • Soil Microbiology (Soil Science)

Going forward, requests for bridge funding and faculty positions will be open twice per year, during each of the academic semesters.