Information about annual performance management deadlines, use of PMDP

The following information is provided regarding annual performance management deadlines and use of the performance management development program (PMDP).


  • 2018 Annual Summary Evaluations – complete in the beginning of the year (January 1-March 31)
  • 2019 Mid-point Conversations – complete in the second half of the year (July 1-September 30)

Criteria for Success and Employee Self-Appraisal:

The annual summary review template has been customized within PMDP with CALS-specific criteria and self-appraisal sections. These customizations were developed through a CALS workgroup comprised of individuals from the Faculty, Academic Staff, and University Staff. See the customized criteria and self-appraisal sections.

Training information/options:

The following options are available to assist you and your employees in use of PMDP as annual summary evaluations are prepared.  Employees are welcome to attend these sessions with supervisor approval.

In-person trainings:

Wednesday, January 23
10:30-11:30 a.m.
2511 Microbial Sciences Building
Registration required:

Thursday, January 24
2:00-3:00 p.m.
2511 Microbial Sciences Building
Registration required:

Additional sessions are planned to be offered in February.

Job aid:

A step-by-step Summary Evaluation Job document is available at


An online webinar is being developed by the Office of Talent Management in the Office of Human Resources and will be available next week. As soon as it is available, a direct link will be posted on the CALS HR PMDP website and in eCALS.

Need assistance? Please contact the HR Manager assigned to your unit.