CALS redesign: CALS APC approves discontinuation of poultry science major

At their December 18, 2018 meeting, members of the college’s Academic Planning Council (APC) voted to discontinue the poultry science major. The program has no enrolled students.

Following this approval, the UW–Madison University Academic Planning Council (UAPC) will need to approve the decision. Admissions will be suspended once the UAPC approves the measure.

Closure of the poultry science major was initiated by the department of animal sciences with a vote last year and aligns with Dean Kate VandenBosch’s redesign outcomes that the college will offer fewer academic majors while creating more options for students within existing majors.

All required courses for the poultry science major have been offered during summer session through the Midwest Poultry Consortium, a cooperative program between industry and 14 universities. UW–Madison students can continue to participate in the six-course poultry sequence through the consortium, which will again be hosted on campus this summer.

No changes to Extension programs are expected as a result of this undergraduate curriculum change. The Poultry Science student organization is also expected to continue as long as students are interested and there is a qualified advisor available.