Government Relations Updates


Recently the non-partisan Joint Legislative Council announced the list of Legislative Study Committees studying major issues and problems identified by the State Legislature. The committees take testimony and hold public hearings on specific topics with the goal of establishing an agreed-upon list of recommendations that can be drafted into legislation. Membership on these committees is bipartisan and can include members of the general public with expertise.  As always, State Relations is working to ensure that UW-Madison experts are considered in the selection process. Should you have specific interest or would like to recommend an expert, contact Crystal Potts at

List of Study Committees


Farm Bill Update 

After failing to pass the Farm Bill, the House of Representatives will try again in mid-June. Last week’s failed vote was in part due to conservative members of the House Freedom Caucus demanding a vote on a conservative immigration bill in exchange for their support of the Farm Bill. House leadership outlined a plan for mid-June to schedule a vote on the immigration bill and then the Farm Bill immediately afterwards. 

During Farm Bill consideration, Federal Relations worked closely with the Delegation to express support for important agricultural related research and extension program funding.

The Senate is expected to release its Farm Bill the first week of June and schedule a markup soon after. The Senate Farm Bill is likely to be bipartisan and much less controversial than the House Farm Bill. 

Rescissions Request

The Trump administration’s rescissions package to cut $15 billion in federal funding, which was once considered for a vote this week, is facing continued opposition in the House. Republican Study Committee Chairman Mark Walker (R-N.C.) says the House seems “further” from 218 votes than it was last week. House Republican leaders are now targeting the first week of June for a floor vote.