This week I will send individual letters to each of our 17 department chairs with redesign recommendations. Department chairs have been asking for direction on how to consider redesign options, and I want to go on record with the best path I see for each department based on information and data.

As a reminder, graduate programs were not included in the metrics we are using at this time, in part because graduate programs already have cross-department structures and also because they are governed by different academic planning policies.

Related to undergraduate academic programs, it is my expectation that any majors graduating fewer than 15 students per year are reconfigured during this process in a way that will result in higher enrollment programs.

Once the chairs receive the letters, the next steps are:

  • Departments consider options for merger and collaboration – the option(s) I offer in the letter, as well as any others that they may have identified on their own.
  • Departments complete the concept template by May 15. I provided chairs with a “concept template” to summarize the department preference for collaborative or merger. The draft concept document will trigger additional conversations between me and the department as we discuss together what the best option will be moving forward.
  • A final concept document is due on July 1 and will be the first step in formal deliberations of redesign by the faculties per faculty governance policies.
  • The new partners will also be working on their five-year plans while faculty governance deliberations are underway. Five-year plans are due in the Dean’s Office by December 31. My office will provide a template for these five-year plans to all departments in June.
  • As a reminder, the Dean’s Office will provide support to help department’s navigate this process. If your department would like to use the services of the Office of Strategic Consulting, please contact project manager Kara Luedtke.

April 6                Dean informs department chairs of preferences for redesigned departments

April 6-May 15   Dean available to meet with chairs, departmental faculties, faculty committees, etc.

May 31              Dean provides feedback on concept documents

End-of-semester Dean’s Office releases five-year plan template

July 1                  Final concept document due to the Dean’s Office

July 2-Dec 31   Drafting of the five-year plan by the new collaborators (one plan per merger or department in a collaborative)

Dec 31                Five-year plan due to the Dean’s Office

Jan-Feb             Plans are reviewed during annual meeting period

Please note there is another eCALS post today with answers to questions regarding “collaboratives,” a possible new structure for departments to consider.