At the monthly meeting with department chairs today, Dean Kate VandenBosch shared updates and documents related to the implementation of the collegiate redesign. These documents will also be shared at the CALS Academic Planning Council (APC) meeting on Tuesday.

Characteristics of robust departments include a shared vision and mission, interdisciplinary collaborations, strengths in research, instruction and extension and outreach, capacity to cover responsibilities, leveraging of state funding, an inclusive climate and effective service contributions.

VandenBosch also shared guidance for departments as they explore options and develop a concept for their future, including a timeline of milestones for this semester:

March: Using common metrics, the dean makes individual recommendations to help focus each departments’ structure exploration.

April: Departments considering a merger or collaborative meet jointly to discuss content for a concept document.

May: Each departmental structure committee completes a concept document, based on input from their department(s) and using the provided template.

June: The dean will review concept documents and discuss them with chairs to determine whether departments should move forward with developing formal proposals for redesign, or continue working towards an alternative plan.

July: Work on phase two, developing formal proposals for redesign, begins.

The Dean’s Office, considering CALS and campus priorities as well as the data used by the CALS Redesign Committee, has identified a common set of metrics that will guide restructuring conversations this spring. These include:

  • Total faculty FTEs (all funding sources)
  • Total budgeted funds, which is the sum of:
    • Total adjusted 101 funding
    • Total Extension funding (104+143 funds)
  • Total grant expenditures
  • Total grant expenditures divided by total budgeted funds
  • Total fall + spring CFI, by department
  • Total fall + spring CFI/total adjusted 101, by department
  • Undergraduate degrees divided by year, by program
  • Fall undergraduate enrollment, by program

The dean also shared draft procedures and priorities for allocating salary savings from vacated faculty positions. The discussion provided feedback for this document, which will be shared in final form next month.