CALS Equity & Diversity Lunch and Learn: Early-career faculty life – March 12

Please join the CALS Equity & Diversity Committee for the committee’s Spring 2018 Lunch and Learn Series: “Learning to Teach Amidst the Challenges of Early-Career Faculty Life,” which will take place Monday, March 12 from noon to 1 p.m. in room 1520 of the Microbial Sciences Building. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own lunches.

Join your early-career faculty peers for a discussion about learning to teach amidst the challenges of early-career faculty life. Are you concerned about how much time you are spending preparing for class? Do you want to be more intentional about your teaching? Do you ever wonder what your students are learning or how they are experiencing your class? Would you like support on designing a course? We will share teaching strategies and tips in a supportive and discussion-based environment and provide information on campus teaching and learning resources.

Established and seasoned faculty and staff are welcome to attend, as are those who may be interested in a career in teaching. Materials will be relevant, and the discussion rich, for all attendees.

This presentation will be led by Megan Schmid, Associate Director of Madison Teaching and Learning Excellence (MTLE) and Chris Castro, MTLE Assistant Director

The workshop will be recorded. Several days after the event, the video will available at To see videos and access materials from previous EDC Lunch and Learn sessions, visit: