CALS Equity & Diversity Lunch and Learn: Data and diversity work in CALS – Jan. 8

Please join the CALS Equity & Diversity Committee for the committee’s Spring 2018 Lunch and Learn Series: “Using Institutional Data to Inform Diversity Work in CALS,” which will take place Monday, Jan. 8 from noon – 1 p.m. in room 1520 of the Microbial Sciences Building. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own lunches.

We have focused quite a bit of time on promoting the idea that having a diverse population in CALS will help create a healthy climate, and that we encourage individuals, departments, and units to engage in self-evaluation to seek implementation and updates to strategies involving advising, teaching, recruitment of faculty, staff and students, etc. But, many have inquired about wanting to know more about the demographics and data that paint a picture of our university populations and the trends we can expect. It creates a common refrain, “I did not know things were like that.” There are a lot of pieces of information at our fingertips that can be accessed to help fill in missing pieces to strategic planning processes.

Clare Huhn of the Office of Academic Planning and Institutional Research will be leading this session outlining pathways to viewing various reports, and highlighting pieces of information that will inform our work on diversity and climate issues, and how people can become more informed. Please join us if you have an interest in better learning how to use and access campus tools that provide vital information on trends and populations.”

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