ARS Summer Internship Applications due Dec. 8, 2017

Summer 2018 applications due Dec. 8, 2017
The objective of the Agricultural Research Stations’ Summer Internship program is to foster relationships between UW-Madison departments and station personnel. At the same time, the opportunity provides UW Madison undergraduate students a chance to become involved in applied research projects as they consider their career plans. These internships should be used as a recruitment tool and have a direct benefit to a student.

To be considered for funding, the faculty member must have an active Hatch, Hatch Multistate, or McIntire-Stennis project during the summer of 2018.

Five internships will be awarded this year, each with $5000 of student labor (approximately 15 weeks, limited to UW-Madison undergraduate students) and $500 of supplies to be spent at the station on the student project. Last year, projects were awarded at Arlington, Lancaster, Marshfield and West Madison.

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