Does your research yield extra produce? Donate it to The Campus Food Shed project

A new project called The Campus Food Shed is getting up and running this spring. The goal is to collect produce from researchers and student farmers that is not needed for research or outreach purposes and make it available to students and the general public.

Four large coolers have been purchased for this purpose and will be placed in locations across campus, including Moore Hall and the Student Activities Center on East Campus Mall.

Produce from plots on agricultural research stations and private farms will be accepted. Extra produce from the F.H. King Student Farm, for instance, will be donated to this project.

At this point, project organizers are looking for interested donors. Please send the information requested below to Hannah DePorter at and Irwin Goldman at

  1. If you anticipate having produce available for donation during the 2017 growing season
  2. What types of produce you would have available
  3. When it is likely to be available
  4. Who would be a contact person in your program for this donation

Students from the F.H. King Student Farm and the UW Horticulture Society will work with contact people to help coordinate the pickup of donated produce and make sure donations are made available to students.

Keep track of the project via The Campus Food Shed’s Facebook page.