Annual performance review information

On July 1, 2015, the new UW-Madison Performance Management policy went into effect. For your reference, the full policy can be accessed at: HR Policies — Performance Management for Managers and Supervisors.

The CALS Human Resources’ Performance Management website includes easy access to the UW policy, as well as the CALS implementation plan, college forms and information regarding the purpose of the forms, the performance cycle and compliance. The components of the campus policy which include establishing annual goals-expectations and performance reviews (including mid-point conversations) are critical parts of each staff member’s professional development and a supervisor’s responsibility. 

Prior year (2016) annual summary evaluations should be completed for all Academic, Limited and University Staff employees as outlined in the CALS plan. If not currently underway within your department/center, please initiate the performance review process at this time. The annual evaluation is also a perfect time to review and update position descriptions.

For some, this process may be difficult and uncomfortable. If you would like assistance with this process, please do not hesitate to contact CALS Human Resources; the CALS HR contact list by department is available for your reference. In addition, the UW-Madison Office of Talent Management Performance Management website has online tools to assist individuals with performance management. Also refer to the Learning and Talent Development website for development opportunities such as the Fully Prepared programs (i.e., to Manage, to Lead and to Engage).

Thank you for your assistance in assuring CALS is compliant with the UW-Madison Performance Management policy.