Aerial view of central campus in autumn 2013. Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison.

It is hard to believe it is April. Tulips are popping out of the ground and we can begin to see the end of the semester as it nears. We are happy to announce that, despite the speed in which the days fly by, the CALS Organizational Redesign Committee is making progress.

At our last meeting we completed a future design exercise, keeping in mind four types of organizational models: Functional (based on specialty), divisional (an assembly of functions), geographic/locational, and matrix (combination of functional and divisional). We have also begun to refine a set of design criteria that we see as essential components to any future college structure.

The committee has several updates scheduled in late April and early May to more fully brief department chairs, APC and CASI on our progress. We will record the update to the APC so that we can post it on project website.

If you have ideas for a “redesigned CALS” that you want to share with the committee, you can submit a one-page summary by Friday, April 7.

Stay tuned for future updates and, in the meantime, feel free to reach out to your committee department liaison.