CALS Organizational Redesign Committee update and request for ideas


The twelve members of the CALS Organizational Redesign Committee meet bi-weekly. In the past month, we have focused on analysis and discussion of the organizational structures of peer institutions, and on identifying the other kinds of data that we need. We continue to gather information from UW-Madison central administration, CALS administration and CALS departments. The committee will analyze these data in the coming weeks.

We are pleased to announce that the website for the project is now live. In addition to an eCALS post at the beginning of each month, we will use the website to keep you informed about our progress and the data we are using to inform recommendations. Please note that the contact tab of the website lists the Redesign Committee member assigned as liaison for each CALS department.

Request for Ideas

The Organizational Redesign Committee invites your thoughts about redesign. If you would like to share an idea for a “redesigned CALS” or an organizational model that you want the committee to consider, please submit a one-page summary to Kara Luedtke or your department liaison by Monday, April 3.