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CALS In the News for the Week of Jan 6 – Jan 13

DNR and Climate Change 

David Mladenoff: Don’t suppress climate research
Wisconsin State Journal, 1/6/2017
Mentioned: David Mladenoff, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Other Views: Purging DNR’s website doesn’t change climate facts, 1/9/2017
Author: Stanley A. Temple, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

UW scientists call on DNR to embrace climate change science in the public trust, 1/9/2017
Mentioned: Stanley A. Temple, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Death of Oliver Smithies

Oliver Smithies, Nobel Prize winner from UW, dies
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/12/2017
Mentioned: Oliver Smithies, Genetics
Quoted: Jerry Yin, Genetics

OBIT: UW genetics researcher Oliver Smithies, 91
Newsradio 1330 WHBL, 1/13/2017
Mentioned: Oliver Smithies, Genetics

Oliver Smithies, University of Wisconsin geneticist who won Nobel Prize, dies, 1/12/2017
Mentioned: Oliver Smithies, Genetics
Quoted: Jerry Yin, Genetics


How Farmers Are Using Drones and GPS to Improve Their Harvests
MotherBoard, 1/6/2017
Quoted: Brian Luck, Biological Systems Engineering

Cold Snap! How Trees Have Adapted to Wisconsin Winters
WXPR, 1/10/2017
Quoted: Scott Bowe, Superintendent, Kemp Natural Resources Station

Building Blocks: UW-Madison Meat Science Laboratory, 1/11/2017
Mentioned: Department of Animal Science

Blue Sky Science: How do animals evolve and get new traits?, 1/9/2017
Quoted: Zachary Cohen, Entomology

Farm and Industry Short Course reunion set
Agri-View, 1/9/2017
Mentioned: Farm and Industry Short Course

Dairy Producers Ready For Better Milk Prices In 2017
Wisconsin Public Radio, 1/6/2017
Quoted: Bob Cropp, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Of Interest

‘Gene-silencing’ technique is a game-changer for crop protection
Science Daily, 1/11/2017

Scientists at UW-Stout Discover New Bee Disease 
Wisconsin Public Radio, 1/12/2017

‘Shrew’-d study: Arctic shrews, parasites indicate climate change effect on ecosystems
Science Daily, 1/12/2017