Mark Powell serves on livestock research group for global ag sustainability alliance

MarkPowellFor the past two years, Mark Powell, CALS soil science professor and USDA-ARS soil scientist with the Dairy Forage Research Center, has been the United States representative to the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases‘ Livestock Research Group.

The focus of the Alliance’s Livestock Research Group  is to develop ways to help reduce the emissions intensity of livestock production systems and increase the quantity of carbon stored in soils supporting those systems.

The goal of the Alliance, more broadly, is to support research, development and extension of technologies and practices that deliver ways to grow more food (and more climate-resilient food systems) without growing greenhouse gas emissions. Many countries already have research underway to better understand, measure, and manage agricultural greenhouse gases emissions. The Alliance seeks to link up these efforts in order to speed up the development and dissemination of solutions.

As the U.S. representative, Powell reports to the Livestock Research Group on U.S.-wide livestock-related greenhouse gas research, informs USDA and its partners of the Group’s global activities, and assists in the development of the Group’s work plans. Since assuming his role in 2014, Powell has attended Alliance meetings in Indonesia, Italy, Brazil and Australia. USDA will host the next Livestock Research Group meeting in Washington DC, in April, 2017.