BSE graduate students win 2017 AMIC Seed Program competition

student seed winners
Shu-Ching Yang (left) and Yang Liao (right)

Shu-Ching Yang and Yang Liao, graduate students in Xuejun Pan’s lab in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering (BSE), won the first open competition of the UW Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium (AMIC) Industry Student Seed Program. Their proposal entitled “Fabrication of a Novel Functionalized Meso-Porous Material from Cellulose and Biomass for Heavy Metal Ions and Formaldehyde Gas Adsorption” has been funded for $10,196.

The project aims to fabricate renewable and biodegradable functionalized materials from cellulose, biomass and chitosan in the forms of hydrogel and aerogel. The hydrogel and aerogel have unique properties such as large specific surface area, very high porosity and special functionality. They can efficiently and selectively remove pollutants from water (such as heavy metal ions) and air (such as formaldehyde).