Faculty, staff and graduate students invited to apply for South Asia travel awards

CALS International Programs would like to encourage faculty, staff and graduate students involved in research relating to South Asia to consider applying for the UW Center for South Asia’s travel awards.

Awards of up to $1000 for faculty and staff and up to $2000 for graduate students carrying out research in or pertaining to South Asia are available. The number of awards is limited and the application process is expected to be competitive.

Please note that priority will be given to people who have not received this award before. Applicants wishing to travel abroad are encouraged to search for flights in line with the Fly America Act (, but this is not mandatory.

Faculty and staff should send an outline of their trip and the expected benefit to UW and the Center for South Asia, as well as a budget.

Graduate students should send an outline of their trip and a budget, and ask their advisor to email a brief note of endorsement (an informal email is fine).

The deadline is November 21st with results announced by December 1st. Depending on the number and quality of applications, we may open up a second round in February.

Please send your applications, and any questions, to Lalita du Perron,