Entomology’s Justin Clements awarded National Potato Council scholarship

Justin Clements, an interim postdoc who recently defended his Ph.D., was awarded the National Potato Council’s 2016 Student Scholarship. Conducting research in the Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Center in association with the Department of Entomology, his work is focused on uncovering the genetic mechanisms that give rise to insecticide resistance in the Colorado potato beetle (CPB).

Justin Clements in lab

While working with Russell Groves, Clement also brings research-based information on pesticide resistance and pest management strategies to potato producers in the Midwest. He has presented findings at several venues including the annual meetings of the Entomological Society of America, the Society of Environmental Toxicology, and the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers.

The National Potato Council’s scholarship is a $10,000 award given to one graduate-level student each year based on their accomplishments in potato-focused research. Clement says the scholarship will enable him to continue presenting his research at national and local conferences in the Midwest and elsewhere. He looks forward to continuing his education in the field of agricultural pest management with a focus on CPB resistance and protecting agricultural potato crops with a postdoctoral research associate appointment at UW-Madison starting in the next few months.

“I have had a great experience as a graduate student and cannot wait to continue my education as a postdoc working closely with academics and growers to benefit the potato industry,” says Clement. “I give sincere thanks to the National Potato Council for their award and to the potato growers in Wisconsin and the US for their support!”