Learn about innovations and improvements at UW’s annual Showcase event

There is still time to register for the 17th Annual UW-Madison Improvement Showcase on March 16 at Union South.  While registration is not required to attend the event, it is appreciated. There is no cost to attend.

In addition to the 80 posters highlighting improvement ideas from all over campus, and an 11:15 AM  keynote address by Kevin Conroy, CEO of the fast-growing local company Exact Sciences, Inc., five break-out sessions are planned on special topics. These take place during the poster exhibits (available from 8:00 to 11:00) and are scheduled for 45 minutes each. Presenters will come from throughout the university to share their stories and insights.

Note that the starting times of the break-out sessions are different from prior years.

  • Design Thinking: Local to global student experiences (8:15 – 9:00). Learn how UW students used the Design Thinking process to solve a range of challenging problems, from helping the Office of the Registrar “flip their office space” to improving the livelihoods of women and girls in Kenya. The process is the same, the solutions are different, and the impact is huge!  Students Robert Shaefer and Robyn Connors will join Professor Lesley Sager (SoHE) and Director Scott Owczarek (Office of the Registrar) to share their stories.
  • Advancement at WFAA: Leveraging merged data for analysis and market segmentation (8:15 – 9:00). Data integration from the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) and the University of Wisconsin Foundation (UWF) has led to more precise segmentation of data, reaching a high potential audience and growing annual gifts. Catherine Garvens, Ryan Redemann, and Jim Kennedy, all of WFAA, will share what they’ve learned and their goals for the future.
  • Just Add Water: Communities of Practice as containers for transformative learning (10:15 – 11:00). Communities of Practice (COPs) are becoming the Next Big Thing. Harry Webne-Behrman (Office of Talent Management) and Katherine Loving (University Health Services) will explain what a COP is, where to find them on campus, how to start one, and how to assess its impact.
  • Data-Based Decision Making:  How colleges and departments can benefit from tracking student data (10:15 – 11:00).  Got student data?  Of course you do.  Find out how colleagues in the College of Letters & Science are making better decisions by tracking student data.  Featuring  Dave Nelson (L&S Career Initiative and Career Services),  Jonathan Henkel (Department of Computer Sciences) and others.

Details on a potential fifth break-out session will be shared via e-mail.

For more about Showcase, go to: What is Showcase?