Share your research with new audiences via UW Science Narratives

Submissions are being accepted from faculty, academic staff and graduate students for Science Narratives, a project which makes video and audio podcasts available to members of the public to highlight research being conducted at the university.

To be eligible, you must:

  • be a UW-Madison faculty member, academic staff, or a graduate student
  • have a current grant in sciences or social sciences and/or be willing to work with the Science Narratives team on a future grant
  • be willing to fund creation of the Science Narratives through grant funds.

To propose your research for the project, fill out the Science Narratives Interest Form. Additional information can be found on the Science Narratives website. Further questions can be directed to the Science Narratives team at

The first season of Science Narratives focused on social robotics and the work of Bilge Mutlu in Computer Sciences.