New NIH training grant tables workshop on 12/15

This past October, NIH announced revised training grant tables to be used for predoctoral, postdoctoral, and short term training grants for any submissions for the May 25, 2016 deadline. In preparation for grants that will submit under the new tables, Mallory Musolf, Jane Lambert and Jenny Dahlberg have agreed to host a workshop to review the major table changes.  The workshop will take place on Tuesday, December 15th, from 9:30am-11am in room 2255, in the School of Veterinary Medicine (2015 Linden Drive). Please click on the link below to register, and also note the instructions handout and overview from NIH linked below.  In the interest of time, this seminar will not devote time to the old table formats/guidelines for anyone planning to use the old versions for the January 25, 2016 submission deadline. We also will not focus on any tables referencing undergraduate programs, but those have also been updated.

Registration: 12/15/15, 9:30-11:00am room 2255, School of Veterinary Medicine (2015 Linden Drive).

New NIH Table information:

New table formats and templates:

Helpful items: Introduction to the data tables and the “Consolidated all training tables” PDF attached.

Please note: Due to reorganization within the Graduate School, training grant administration workshops (such as this) are no longer coordinated through formal institutional mechanisms. If you would like to volunteer to lead future training grant administration workshops, please email the Training Grant Administrators Group at with your ideas.