Message about merit-based raises for CALS Academic and University Staff

CALS Academic and University Staff,

Each college, school, or division has been asked to ensure that all Academic and University Staff employees are informed of the Discretionary Compensation Fund (DCF) internal procedures. The following information is provided regarding this program.

As part of the continuing campus efforts to provide support to the outstanding members of our Academic and University Staff, campus has reallocated internal funding of $1 million of 101 GPR funding to provide base-building increases for 101-GPR funded staff. CALS has received $77,264 dollars from the $1 million pool, based on 101 GPR funded Academic and University Staff FTEs in our college. Each department/center/unit in CALS will receive a portion of the allocation to CALS, based on Academic and University Staff 101 GPR funded FTEs.

Information has been distributed to Department Chairs/Directors (copy attached). Each department/center/unit will communicate to their Academic and University Staff the internal process to be used for 101 GPR funded staff DCF pay adjustments, as well as the procedures they may use for non-GPR funded staff pay adjustments. This program is not an across-the-board opportunity for salary adjustments for all staff. If you have specific questions, your first point of contact should be your supervisor.

We want to emphasize as part of this communication that the contributions of our Academic and University Staff are realized and appreciated each day. We are disappointed that the funding provided through this program and from flexible sources of non-GPR funding are extremely limited.

Carol Y. Hillmer
Associate Dean of CALS Human Resources