WN@TL this week: Obama administration revisits federal ag biotech regulations

Tom Zinnen, the Biotech Center’s outreach director, will be this week’s featured speaker at WN@TL, which runs 7-8pm at room 1111 Genetics/Biotech Center. Here’s a description from the UW Events calendar of his talk, titled “Upon Further Review: The Obama Administration Revisits US Ag Biotech Regulations.”

The Obama Administration is revisiting the Coordinated Framework that regulates federal ag biotech across three federal agencies: FDA, EPA and USDA. Established in 1986, the Framework was last revised in 1992. New gene-editing techniques (eg, CRISPR) likely have helped spark this review, which will be an intriguing case study of how the Obama Administration late in its last term handles a Gordian Knot torqued with scientific, political, international and epistemological twists.

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