Lactic Solutions: Jim Steele’s D2P experience

Food science professor Jim Steele (left) with students.

The story of food science professor Jim Steele’s effort to leverage his lactic acid bacteria research into a commercial enterprise is the topic of a recent article published on the university’s Discovery to Product (D2P) website.

The article describes Steele’s participation in D2P’s June 2015 cohort to jump-start his idea for a company named Lactic Solutions, which would produce an antibiotic-free microbial solution that improves ethanol yield and increases the value of co-products within ethanol production facilities.

Steele applied to participate in the D2P program without necessarily knowing what the experience would yield, but found it a great use of time. Here’s how Steele described it in the article: “I didn’t realize just how much they were going to help us. That we would be tasked with interviews, assignments, and deliverables. That we would spend our time there doing tangible, not theoretical, things to build the business, and that, in the process, it would completely change the way we view the opportunity, giving us a much higher likelihood of becoming a successful company.”

To learn how things are moving along for Steele, read the full story on the D2P website here.