Wisconsin Groundwater Research and Monitoring Program

We are pleased to announce the State of Wisconsin Joint Solicitation for Groundwater Research and Monitoring for Wisconsin Fiscal Year 2017. Complete instructions for proposal submission are now available on the WRI Joint Solicitation website. The goal of this solicitation is to identify and support scientific research that will answer key scientific questions and will advance our understanding and management of groundwater in Wisconsin.

The solicitation is a coordinated effort of the University of Wisconsin System, and the Wisconsin Departments of Natural Resources; Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection; and Safety and Professional Services. This cooperative solicitation allows interested individuals to prepare project proposals that can be submitted to several different funding sources simultaneously and eliminates the need to submit similar proposals several times for different solicitation efforts. It is our intent that this joint solicitation will make it easier for interested researchers to prepare proposals, promote coordination among state agencies and researchers, and enhance the ability of state agencies and the UW System to meet their objectives.

Funding is available for new monitoring or research to meet specific agency needs and objectives. Approximately $320,000 to $420,000 will be available for new groundwater projects in Fiscal Year 2017.

You are invited to review the linked materials and decide if you wish to submit a proposal. The deadline for submittals is 4 p.m. CST Tuesday, November 3, 2015. Investigators are required to submit proposals using iPROPOSE, a Web-based proposal submission system that is now open for registration. Please visit the WRI Joint Solicitation website for more information.