2016 Board of Regents Diversity Awards

On behalf of the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents, I am pleased to invite your nominations for the Board’s 2016 Diversity Awards, which “recognize institutional change agents who have established a successful record in fostering greater access and success for students who are members of historically underrepresented populations – including African Americans, American Indians, Latinos/Hispanics, Asian Americans, and Southeast Asians, first-generation, and/or economically disadvantaged.”  There are three award categories:  individual, team, and institution/unit; the criteria for selection are at the following link: “Call for Nominations Guidelines – 2016 Board of Regents Diversity Awards.”  An award recipient for each category will be selected by a UW System Committee comprising representative members from UW System institutions.

UW System institutions may submit one nomination per category, based on their own process for identifying and selecting the nominations that each would like to forward to the Board of Regents.  My office will serve as point for the campus selection process, and I ask that you plan to send your nomination packets in electronic format to Lynnsey Jones, Office of the Vice Provost & Chief Diversity Officer, at no later than close of business on Oct. 30, 2015.

 Please note that the nomination packet should include the following:  (see “Call for Nominations Guidelines – 2016 Board of Regents Diversity Awards” and the official Nomination Cover Letter form, which is attached.

Letter of Nomination: A letter of nomination that clearly addresses the four award criteria (sustainability, accountability, intersections, and collaborations).

  1.  Statement by the Nominee: A statement describing the exemplary work of the individual, team, or institution/unit (4 page limit).  The statement by the nominee should clearly articulate measurable evidence of the impact of their program under each of the four award criteria (sustainability, accountability, intersections, and collaborations).
  2. Resume / Curriculum Vitae:  A three- to five-page resume/CV of the nominee(s). Team category: please include resumes/CV of all team members. Institution/Unit category: please include a resume/CV for the coordinator/head/chair of the unit.
  3. Letters of Support: Two or three letters of support addressing the achievements of the person or program from:
  • Chancellor, Provost, and/or Dean
  • Department Chair, Unit Head, immediate supervisor, or advisor
  • An individual who has first-hand knowledge of the program or initiative