Jean-Michel Ane selected for Vilas Faculty Mid-Career Investigator Award

JMA6Bacteriology professor Jean-Michel Ane, an expert on plant-microbe symbioses and legume genetics, has been selected to receive a Vilas Faculty Mid-Career Investigator Award. The award provides $50,000 in flexible research funds for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Ane’s lab, which is part of the bacteriology department and the agronomy department, focuses on understanding how beneficial symbiotic associations between plants and microbes develop. By manipulating the molecular mechanism controlling these associations, Ane’s team gleans important information from model plant organisms and then works to transfer useful findings to agricultural crops such as soybean, rice and corn. The long-term goal of Ane’s program is to support sustainable agricultural systems while reducing costs for food, feed and biofuel production.