Plant pathology grad student honored by INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine

Ana Fulladolsa Palma

Plant Pathology graduate student Ana Fulladolsa Palma is the recipient of a 100 Inspiring Women in STEM Award from INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine. The award is presented to 100 women each year whose work and achievements are helping to inspire a new generation of young women to consider careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Fulladolsa Palma, who works in the lab of plant pathology professor Amy Charkowski, was selected in part for her role in developing a bilingual science outreach program for grade school kids. These programs have reached hundreds of kids, notes Charkowski, “despite being developed without faculty assistance, with essentially no funding and with no expectation of reward.”

It’s an impressive achievement that’s helping to expand the reach of science outreach efforts in the Madison area, says Charkowski. “The best part is when [Fulladosa Palma] describes how Spanish-speaking parents, who normally have a difficult time participating in science outreach events, light up when they realize they can participate because the program is in Spanish,” she says.

Fulladolsa Palma also keeps busy in the lab. Her research focuses on the management of potato virus Y in seed potato production, including reducing the amount of virus in seed lots by using alternative production methods and using marker-assisted selection to develop resistant potato cultivars.