Molly Jahn awarded honorary doctorate from Swarthmore College

molly_jahn570Genetics professor Molly Jahn was recently awarded an honorary doctorate from Swarthmore College during the institution’s 2015 commencement ceremony.

Constance Hungerford, Swathmore’s interim president, outlined Jahn’s contributions and accomplishments during the ceremony, including these comments:

“You established yourself as strong voice in the nearly $60 billion agricultural industry of the state of Wisconsin. Renovating facilities, energizing capital campaigns, and launching new initiatives to garner and spur more investment by the state, you secured your presence as an important figure in the bioenergy industry.”

“Consulting globally on the topics of food security, risk in food systems, and the environment, your thoughts and voice are essential for business, government, philanthropic organizations, and international multi-lateral institutions to hear. Sustainably redesigning our agriculture systems, as you’ve often emphasized, requires a public and private partnership and a serious investment into and application of new technologies and research.”

Read the full statement here.