Agave plant blooming at D.C. Smith Greenhouse

The D.C. Smith Greenhouse is currently home to a flowering Agave victoriae-reginae, a plant native to the Southwest United States and Mexico. The flower stalk has been growing for the last few weeks, and as of last week, the spike was over 10 feet tall and covered in buds. It can take up to 40 years for these plants to bloom, and they die after flowering.

Johanna Oosterwyk, manager of the D.C. Smith Greenhouse, and Mo Fayyaz, director of the Botany Department Greenhouse and Garden, estimate that the agave might bloom by late this week and be in flower for about a week. Watch the D.C. Smith Greenhouse Facebook page for updates on the blooming plant, and stop by the greenhouse to see it in person.

agave with David Schreiner
Here the agave flower stalk (with greenhouse assistant David Schreiner) is over 6 feet tall. Photo: D.C. Smith Greenhouse
agave dc smith 10ft spike
As of last week, the flower stalk was 10 feet tall, and the top third was covered with tiny buds. Photo: D.C. Smith Greenhouse