Share your feedback on operational implications of public authority

Darrell Bazzell, UW-Madison vice chancellor for finance and administration, shared the following message on operational implications of public authority (below). If you have any input, questions or concerns that you would like voiced, please send them to Dick Straub at The CALS Dean’s Office will collect, organize and forward responses.

Deans and Directors,

I greatly appreciate your involvement in the campus conversation about the impacts of the Governor’s 2015-17 biennial budget proposal. As you know, this proposal would have a significant impact on UW-Madison, not only as a result of the proposed $300 million funding reduction for UW System but also through the transition of the System to a public authority.

Through this communication, I would like to focus on the public authority issue. The formation of a public authority with greater autonomy from state government is intended to provide UW campuses with greater flexibilities in purchasing, managing building projects, compensation issues and other areas. This new administrative structure would be effective July 1, 2016.

We are learning more about the public authority proposal each day through a thoughtful and deliberate review of the plan. But we also need your help. What questions or concerns do you have? What are the potential operational impacts on your school, college or division of a move to a public authority? How might this transition affect your human resources, facilities, budget and business functions? Please e-mail your questions, concerns and issues to

Chancellor Blank and the university’s leadership team already are gathering input and questions from the campus community relating to the budget in general. Questions and answers will be posted on the “UW-Madison and the State Budget” web page. The information I am seeking from you should focus more on the operational side, particularly as it relates to the public authority issue.

Thank you again for your leadership in addressing the considerable budget issues the campus faces. Working together, we will keep UW-Madison strong while also helping the state of Wisconsin confront its fiscal challenges.

Darrell Bazzell
Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration