Recent retirements

Here is a list of those who retired from CALS in the fall of 2014:

  • Craig Lorimer, Forest and Wildlife Ecology (Aug. 1977-Dec. 2014)
  • Lynne Miguel, Bacteriology (Jan. 1988-Oct. 2014)
  • Stith Gower, Forest and Wildlife Ecology (Oct. 1987-Oct. 2014)
  • Jack Kloppenburg, Community and Environmental Sociology (Jan. 1985-Dec. 2014)
  • Lucinda Munn, Agricultural and Applied Economics (Aug. 1987-Sept. 2014)
  • Ann Ellen Joy, Plant Pathology (Apr. 2000-Sept. 2014)
  • Barbara Cochrane, Food Research Institute (July 1996-Nov. 2014)
  • Michael Culbertson, Genetics (July 1978-Dec. 2014)
  • Jean Peterson, Genetics (Aug. 1999-Sept. 2014)
  • Marjorie Doyle, Food Research Institute (Sept. 1986-Sept. 2014)
  • Carole Woychik, Bacteriology (Sept. 2003-Dec. 2014)
  • Vernetta Reid, Agricultural and Applied Economics (July 2005-Oct. 2014)
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