CALS in the News for the Week of January 3-9

In the News:

Garden Talk: Resources for Growing Vegetables – Audio
Wisconsin Public Radio 1/03/15
Quoted: Erin Silva, Plant Pathology
Quoted: John Hendrickson, Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

Amazing animal farmers that grow their own food
BBC 1/07/15
Quoted: Cameron Currie, Bacteriology

UW-Madison CALS provides students career opportunities
Wisconsin Agriculturalist 1/09/15
Quoted: John Klatt, Academic Staff

Free UW online course focuses on conservation, hunting
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 1/08/14
Mentioned: Tim Van Deelen, Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Mentioned: Janet Silbernagel, Natural Resources and Landscape Architecture

UW-Madison soils lab to consolidate with Marshfield lab
Wisconsin State Journal 1/04/15
Quoted: Dick Straub, Biological Systems Engineering and Associate Dean
Quoted: John Parsen, Soil Science

Babcock Institute closes
Agri-View 1/08/15
Quoted: Karen Nielsen, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Babcock Institute
Mentioned: CALS

Aphanomyces rot root concern in alfalfa
Agri-View 1/06/15
Quoted: Damon Smith, Plant Pathology

23 years of world dairy training
Wisconsin State Farmer 12/23/14
Mentioned: Babcock Institute
Quoted: Ken Shapiro, emeritus, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Mentioned: Michel Wattiaux, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Karen Nielsen, Dairy Science

MadLab: Communication Critical to Advancing Science – Audio
WORT 1/06/15
Quoted: Dominique Brossard, Life Sciences Communication

Rosati-Kain’s ‘Amazing’ alum is in love with life
St. Louis Review 1/07/15
Quoted: Maya Warren, graduate student, Food Science
Quoted: Amy DeJong, graduate student, Food Science

2015 dairy price forecast – Audio
CALS News 1/09/15
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Clearing the fog about the impacts of emissions trading
eCALS 1/05/15
Quoted: Corbett Grainger, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Of Interest:

Ethnic dairy products: ‘Exporting’ to a domestic market
Dairy Herd Management 1/07/15

Common Cold Could Be Prevented By Wearing A Scarf Over Your Nose
Huffington Post 1/06/15

‘Syllabus’ Explores the Unconscious Mind in a Composition Book
PopMatters 1/05/15

Deer account for long-term forest change
Agri-View 1/07/15