Wisconsin Cranberry Board: 2015 Crop Research Projects Funding Opportunity

The Wisconsin Cranberry Board, Inc. (WCB) is pleased to announce its Call for new Proposals focused on Crop Research projects.  Some general areas of interest for research include: (1) New and reduced risk pesticide discovery, (2) Water conservation, (3) Water quality, and (4) Cranberry plant physiology among other topics.  Approximately $350,000 will be available for distribution.  Note that all grants are provided as unrestricted gifts and as such it is the policy of WCB not to pay indirect costs of research institutions.  Co-funding from other sources as well as cross discipline research projects are encouraged.

Please find included the details regarding the application process.  New Crop Research proposals are due to CALS Research Division (240 Agricultural Hall) on Friday, January 9, 2015 and should be submitted via WISPER.

For further information on Wisconsin Cranberry Board, Inc. programs, please contact Tom Lochner at (715) 423-2070.  Please direct all other inquiries to Michell Sass at (608) 265-9534 or at .

2015 RFP WI Cranberry Board Crop Research