Walk in her shoes: Student blogs her Uganda study abroad experiences


This winter break, a group of UW students is once again traveling through Uganda as part of the Uganda Agriculture, Health and Nutrition study abroad program offered through CALS International Programs.

The program, which is led by John Ferrick, CALS director of international programs, and James Ntambi, professor in nutritional sciences and biochemistry, takes students to visit health care facilities, agricultural research stations, water treatment centers, Non-governmental organizations, the U.S. Embassy and cultural sites over the course of three weeks. The goal is to explore links between agriculture, nutrition and health in Uganda, while taking into account broader issues such as politics, economics, education, history, women’s studies, nutrition and HIV/AIDS.

If you want to follow along on this year’s trip, Nathalie Ly, a student employee in the Department of Nutritional Sciences who’s participating in this course, is blogging some of her first-hand experiences here:

In her Day 2 post, Nathalie wrote about a presentation she heard by Anthony Kkonde, principal medical officer of the Mukono municipality:

Dr. Kkonde shared tons of knowledge with us. He talked about the universal healthcare system and education system… He concluded that the biggest problem that he believes should be a priority is sanitation. The sanitation issue is important because it does contribute to many of the health issues. I saw the sanitation problem first-hand when I went to visit the village later on in the day.

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