Call for submissions: Healthy Food Systems poster session

Last spring, the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences held a strategic planning event that demonstrated a strong college interest in the development and maintenance of healthy food systems. Attendees from across the college expressed outstanding ideas and indicated that food systems projects were already in progress. Many attendees, however, appeared to be working on these ideas and projects alone or in small groups.

To reduce the barriers to communication and facilitate productive collaboration, the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems (CIAS) and Wisconsin Prevention of Obesity and Diabetes (WIPOD) are hosting a Healthy Food Systems poster session on November 14 at 2pm. This poster session is being held in conjunction with a keynote lecture by Dr. Jules Pretty, an internationally recognized expert in sustainable agriculture from the University of Essex.

Poster categories include consumer access to healthy food, production and distribution of healthy food, healthy food consumption by children, and other related topics. Posters are welcome from all interested campus and community presenters. Trainees presenting posters are eligible for an award competition, including a $200 grand prize for the best overall poster.

Applications for poster presentations are due November 1. Details and an online application form are available on the CIAS website: