Encourage students to participate in the CALS Week Scavenger Hunt

The CALS Student Association is asking that CALS faculty and staff please encourage students to sign up for this coming Friday’s #findCALS Scavenger Hunt. A description of this fun student event, which is also posted on the CALS Week webpage, is below:

Join your fellow students in a brand-new CALS Week tradition—the 1st annual CALS Scavenger Hunt! Teams of 5-6 will compete for prizes courtesy of Babcock Hall Dairy Store (ice cream), Bucky’s Butchery (meat), the CALS Office of External Relations (ABCs of CALS poster), and more. To participate, sign your team up by using this webform. Then on Friday, April 25, monitor the CALS Student Association’s twitter account—@CALS_SC—from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Each hour, on the hour, the account will tweet out a hint (for a total of 8) that will guide you through the scavenger hunt. Sometimes you’ll be asked to answer a CALS-related trivia question. Other times, your team will need to recreate an historic photo—finding the original site, posing and taking a photo. Just send your answers and photos back to @CALS_SC via Twitter and use the hashtag #findCALS. When the CALS Scavenger Hunt is over, around 5:30pm, everybody—whether they participated in the hunt or not—is invited to Ag Hall for some Babcock ice cream. Be sure to stop by for a scoop!